Wooden shelves stay supported

CC will continue to support and service the wooden shelves but on different terms and conditions. The main change will be a substantial change in the repair quota percentage. For extra repairs – meaning repairs in excess of the quota - a repair fee per shelf will be levied.

Reliable pool

The amendment of the terms and conditions will help CC maintain a sustainable and reliable pool, without raising the pool fee.

Repair quota

CC will update customer agreements to take this reduction of the repair quota into account. We will inform you in plenty of time regarding this. We will also provide further information on the detailed timing and the percentage of repair quotas as soon as this is available.

The benefits of CC Solid


The metal shelf CC Solid is more resistant to water and dirt than wooden shelves. CC Solid is more durable and sustainable and has a lower need for repair.


Its nested design allows for a single container to be loaded with more CC Solids than the current stacking capacity of 30 wooden shelves per base.
A CC Solid can carry 120 kg of uniformly distributed load, it requires less storage capacity and it is lower in weight than wooden shelves. This results in reduced CO2 emissions thanks to increased logistic efficiency.


CC Solid is equipped with an RFID tag which facilitates electronic counting, tracking and tracing.

Hook placement

CC Solid has hooks placed on the long side of the shelf. Intensive consultation of the market showed a clear preference for CC Solid with hooks on the long side, like the existing wooden shelves.

Questions & Answers

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions. If you require a more specific answer, or if you have an additional question, don’t hesitate to contact us. All prices mentioned regarding CC Solid are indicative and depend on both supply and demand and metal market prices.

Frequently asked questions

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